Step 3 Video | Measuring and Cutting Window Glass

November 16, 2014

Now that you have removed the broken glass and removed the old window glazing, it’s time to measure the frame to determine the size of the new window glass. To provide clear access to the frame, remove the storm window and screen. In some cases the storm window can be removed from inside the home. In any case carefully handle the storm window to avoid breaking any additional window panes.

Measuring and Cutting Window Glass

Once you have removed 100% of the window glazing, place the bare window frame in its closed position before measuring and cutting window glass. For more accurate measurements, it is best to work from outside the home so you can have a clear line of site.

Measure Twice Cut Once

Be sure to take multiple measurements, as the window frame may not be completely square. To determine the horizontal window dimensions; take a measurement at the top, middle, and bottom of the frame. For the vertical dimension of the glass, measure the left side, right side, and middle of the frame.

Write down all of your measurements as you go, then recheck each dimension. To avoid scrap, “measure twice and cut once.”

Cutting the Glass

While cutting glass can be very easy to do with the proper tools, you may be better served to visit your local hardware store and let them cut the glass for you. Referring to the measurements taken earlier, subtract 1/8” from the smallest dimension to ensure the glass will fit freely into the frame without being forced. For example if your vertical measurements were 24” left, 24-1/16” middle and 24” right, you will cut the new window glass at 23-7/8”.

Check for Fit

Before you handle the new glass, be sure to find your safety gloves. Then check for clearance by placing the glass into the frame. This inspection is an important step to be sure the frame isn’t placing any undue stress on the glass. There should be a small gap between the glass and the frame in both the vertical and horizontal directions.

Video Step 4 | Window Glazing

The next step is to install the window glazing to secure your new glass. Watch the video for Step 4 now. If you missed the previous steps you can watch the videos now:

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