Step 4 Video | Window Glazing Tips

November 23, 2014

Window Glazing Tips | Secure the Glass Window Pane

Carefully place the new glass into to the window frame. Gently tap triangle glazing points to secure the glass. You can push the glazing points into the wood with your putty knife and then carefully tap them with a small hammer until they are below the height of the inner wood frame. Install 2 on top, 2 on bottom, and 1 on each side of the replacement window pane.

Window Glazing Tips | Apply the Glazing

Purchase high-quality glazing from your local hardware store. Use fresh glazing every time. Older, previously opened tubs of glazing may not stick very well and may not be malleable enough to shape properly.

Use your hands to get started and put some glazing in place. Initially you need to overbuild the glazing by smearing more glazing than needed. Apply a little pressure to the glazing with your putty knife.

Don’t be overly concerned about the excess material that squishes out. You can clean up the surplus material later.

Use your putty knife to smooth the glazing and shape it. The final contour should be a triangle profile from the outer edge of the window frame up to the height of the wood even with the inside of the window frame. Do not go above the height of the interior wood support or you will see the glazing from the inside of your home:

Window Glazing Tips | Cleaning the Excess Glazing

Using your putty knife scrape the excess glazing along the top edge adjacent to the glass. If the profile of the glazing is still too high, lower the height by trimming the glazing with your putty knife.

Window Glazing Tips | Quick Tips

  • DO NOT reuse the dirty glazing that you scrape off. It will not adhere properly to the frame and the glass.
  • DO NOT rework the profile of the glazing too much. Once the glazing begins to harden it is difficult to reshape.
  • Keep the blade flat when you shape the window glazing. This will provide a smoother more consistent finish
  • Apply pressure to the putty knife to ensure that the glazing fills all of the voids and adheres well to the glass and frame.
  • Once the glazing has started to set up and has begun to harden you can scrape off the excess material around the edges.

Painting the Window Glazing

Do NOT paint the glazing until it has fully cured. This process can take 7 to 10 days. Use a high-quality paint suitable for outdoor use.

Tools Required

  • Small steel putty knife: used to shape the window glazing and push the glazing into the voids.
  • Razor blade scrapper tool: used to remove the excess glazing material.
  • Large flat screwdriver: may be needed to reach into confined areas that cannot be otherwise accessed by the putty knife.

Video Series

Watch the entire video series to view the step by step instructions on how to install new window glass from start to finish.

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