Sticky Windows | Could it be Your Foundation?

September 5, 2016

Do you have sticky windows in your home? Have you ever considered that the problem could be your foundation? When we perform window inspections or when we are called in for window repairs, more often than not it is an issue with the windows themselves. However, we often discover that the problem with your sticky windows is an underlying issue with your foundation. In such cases the sooner you address the root cause the better.

Signs of Foundation Damage

Foundation damage is often difficult to detect and if it goes unnoticed the cost of the repair can escalate. These are a few tell-tale signs that you should be aware of within your home:

Sticky Windows: If you find that your windows become stuck when opening and closing the upper sash or lower sash, the problem may be a sagging foundation. The problem could also be with the windows themselves. An experienced contactor can conduct a thorough inspection to unveil any issues with the window components.

Doors are Difficult to Open: If your doors seem to be out of alignment and contact the door jambs when you try to close them; this may be a foundation issue. In severe cases, your kitchen and bathroom cabinets won’t stay closed.

Water Seepage: You may notice water leaking into your basement. This could be due to a crack in the foundation or concrete walls. You may even have water leaking around your windows if the wall has moved so much that large gaps have opened up adjacent to your windows.

Loose Nails: In some cases the structural movement will push out nails in your drywall or window frames.

Fireplace Cracks: The brick or stone around your fireplace may crack due to the movement of a damaged foundation. You may also notice water leaking in around the fireplace.

Uneven Floors: In severe cases you may notice that your floors are uneven. In these extreme cases you need to contact a foundation repair service or a structural engineer right away.

I hope we didn’t scare you? We really just wanted you to be aware that occasionally there is more to a sticky window than what appears to the naked eye. At any rate, if you do have sticky windows in your home, give us a call and we will take a peek for you.

Sticky Windows | Who Should I Call?

Do you have sticky windows in your home and need an inspection from a professional contractor? Contact One Source Renovation, LLC at or give us a call at (815)-634-8922.