The Advantages of Using Tempered Glass for Your Office Windows

June 1, 2014

When it comes to safety in the workplace at your Coal City Illinois Office, you may want to consider using tempered glass to prevent accidents and injuries. Tempered glass has safety features which are best suited for industrial facilities, public buildings, bus terminals, vehicles and more. By replacing your existing Office Windows with tempered glass it is possible that you could prevent injury to your employees. Tempered glass will drastically improve cleanup efforts as well, if windows are ever broken as a result of an accident in the workplace. Here are some of the principal advantages of switching over and using a qualified contractor to handle the conversion, such as One Source Renovation.

1. Fewer injuries as a result of an accident:

Tempered glass is designed to break into pebbles as opposed to dangerous shards of glass. When a window breaks, generally it will shatter into extremely sharp slivers of glass which can cause personal injury. Flying glass during an accident can also cause serious injury to anyone around the window at the time it breaks. The small pieces in a piece of broken tempered glass will simply fall and crumble into smaller pieces, this prevents smaller sharper shards of broken glass flying through the air and causing injury to your office staff. This is the primary reason why tempered glass is used in many vehicles and is also considered the standard for use in public buildings and high traffic areas.

2. Cleaning up after an accident:

If you have a window at your business that is regularly broken you understand how the time wasted on cleanup can be detrimental to the efficiency of your operation. Converting your windows to a tempered glass window pane, will make the cleanup process much easier, as the remains are very easy to sweep up with a push broom. Just the same as you would sweep gravel rocks, or other debris; the broken glass can be placed into trash bags without fear of injury. You can also use a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner to suck up any extra pieces without worry that the vacuum itself will be damaged by sharp shards of broken glass.

3. Overall strength:

For industrial applications tempered glass is known for its strength. The Window Repair Guy, has a trusted supply list for tempered glass manufacturers. We will always recommend tempered glass for use in applications where the glass is required to have a much stronger surface. It’s also extremely heat resistant making it the perfect solution for laboratory applications and many industrial uses.

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