Tornado Season | The Truth About Open Windows

April 19, 2019

Tornado Season is in full force in the Midwest and it seems like every year somebody asks if they should open their windows during the storm. Their thinking is that opening the windows of their home will somehow balance the pressure and save their home. This is far from accurate, in fact it’s a terrible idea. The excessive wind blowing through your home will destroy it. The video below demonstrates what would really happen to your home if you open your windows as a tornado passes by. The force of the wind inside your home can tear it apart.

Now to be fair, in this test the “mad scientist’s” didn’t open all the windows of the home. They only opened the front door. I would love to see the same test performed with all of the windows and doors open. Something tells me that the results could be different. I’m guessing the home would still be severely damaged, but let’s not stick around to find out. The first order of business in tornado season is to seek shelter.

Tornado Season Safety Tips

The CDC has posted an article on Tornado Season Safety Tips. This is an excellent resource to help you prepare for the next storm that is inevitable. Here is a quick summary of the recommendations by the CDC:

Advanced Preparation for Tornado Season

  • Batteries: Keep a supply of fresh batteries on hand. You can use these to power a weather radio to keep abreast of the current weather situation.
  • Safety Plan: Develop a safety plan in advance and discuss the plan with your kids. Designate a meeting place that is a safe shelter. Take into consideration any family members that may have special needs, such as the elderly.
  • Emergency Kit: Prepare an emergency kit in advance of Tornado Season. The kit should include non-perishable food items, a first aid kit, and bottled water.

Monitor Weather Conditions

Tornados pop up quickly but you should be aware of the conditions that are favorable for developing tornados including:

  • a sky that quickly turns dark or green in color
  • a large dark cloud that is low to the ground
  • a sudden burst of hail or a loud roar, generally means that a tornado is imminent

Designate a Shelter

Most injuries are caused by flying debris. The safest place to shelter is away from any windows.

  • Basements: Head to the basement and stay away from the windows. If your home doesn’t have a basement, stay in an interior closet or bathroom until the storm has passed.
  • Protect Your Head: Crawling under a workbench, dining table, or mattress can protect your head from flying debris.
  • Evacuate: Mobile homes are no place to hide during a tornado. The best bet is to evacuate.

To protect yourself from flying debris consider hurricane glass when upgrading the windows in your home. Sea Storm Glass by Cardinal Glass provides the ultimate protection during Tornado Season.

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