Update Your Window Trim Color

May 24, 2015

Looking for a way to freshen up dingy windows or accent those newly installed frames? Try stroking on a coat of paint and changing your window trim color to instantly give your windows a makeover. Surrounded by an attractive frame, your windows will instantly feel bigger and brighter, becoming the focal point of the room.

Window Trim Color Ideas

  • Make it a focal point: If you have a neutral wall color, don’t be afraid to go bold with your paint choice. Venturing away from the traditional whites and browns for window trim will make those windows pop out and add life to the room. Try a light blue or sunny yellow to keep things bright and lively, or go for a deeper hue like navy or magenta for a sophisticated look.
  • Create contrast: To really make your window frames stand out, choose a window trim color that contrasts with the walls. Have dark walls? Staying with a white color will give the room a crisp and clean finish and make the frames stand out against a dark backdrop. If you have lighter walls like beige or off-white, choose a fiery red or perky purple to make a bold statement.
  • Go natural: If the look of natural wood is more your style, consider staining your frames rather than painting them. The new window trim color will transform your space, but in a more subtle way. You can still create contrast by choosing a darker stain in a lighter room, or choose to brighten up the room even more by using a light stain. To create cohesiveness throughout your home, consider staining the baseboard and trim the same color.

Tips and Tricks

Introducing new window trim colors to your home can either create a bold and fresh statement or a more rustic feel. No matter which way you decided to update your window trim color, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Painting: First remove all the hardware and place it in a bag so you won’t lose it. Use a 1.5”-2.5” angled brush so you can reach all the crevices. Using blue painter’s tape, tape off the wall around the frame and the inside edge of the frame so you can get a clean finish. Remove the tape when the paint is still wet to avoid peeling and cracking.

Staining: When staining wood, sand down the surface first and clean up using a tack cloth. After applying the stain following the manufacturer’s directions, wipe it off quickly and wait until it is dries before applying a seal. Lightly sand it to remove any imperfections before applying the varnish.

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