Window Boxes – Add a Finishing Touch to Your Replacement Windows

June 3, 2014

You have just upgraded your home by installing new, replacement windows. Now it’s time to add some finishing touches. What better way to beautify your window installation than to add window boxes and then planting some of your favorite flowers.

Now that spring has arrived, you need to select the flowers that are best suited for your location. You should take into consideration which direction your windows are facing before deciding which flowers to plant. A window on the South side of your home should receive ample sunlight, while a Window Box on the North side of your home will be shady for the majority of the day. Be sure to select flowers that will thrive in these conditions.

If your home is located in Northern Illinois; Petunia’s, Violas, and Pansies are an excellent choice for sunny locations or partial shade. Pansies in particular are very hardy and require very little maintenance. If your Window Box is located on the Northern Side of your house consider Impatiens which thrives in full shade and do very well in the Northern Illinois climate.

Here are a few tips to ensure a success with your new window box:

Drainage Holes

All flower containers require drainage holes. Window boxes are no exception. If your window box has a solid bottom, drill several small, evenly spaced holes to ensure the soil doesn’t become saturated when the spring showers arrive.

Proper Size:

For aesthetics the width of window boxes should match the width of your newly installed windows. The depth of the box should be a minimum of 8 inches to provide an adequate amount of soil for the flowers roots to adhere.

Soil Selection:

Fill window boxes with proper potting soil. The soil from your backyard is often too compacted for use with potted flowers. If you do decide to use soil from your garden be sure to break it up and mix in some planting soil to make it easy for the new roots to take hold.

Soil Depth:

Fill your window box about three-quarters full. For an 8” deep box, load the soil to within 2”of the top edge of the box.

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