Window Cleaning Tips

July 12, 2014

You open your window blinds to let the beauty of the outdoors shine through. You enjoy watching the birds in your Naperville backyard as you sip on your morning cup of java. The last time you cleaned the windows on your Jolliet home was a year or two ago. Follow these window cleaning tips so you can fully enjoy the panoramic views of your backyard once again.

Selecting a Window Cleaning Product:

When searching for a window cleaning product at your local market, choose an environmentally-friendly-green brand that is made specifically for cleaning windows such as Clorox Green Works.

Make Your Own Window Cleaner:

Some window cleaners may leave your windows streaky. Have no fear; you can make your own window cleaner.

Simply combine a ½ teaspoon of mild detergent and ¼ cup of vinegar with 2 cups of water. Mix the three ingredients in a clean spray bottle; shake it vigorously to thoroughly mix the solution.


Many homeowners have simply used paper towels or old rags to clean their windows. The problem with both methods is that they will leave behind remnants of the paper, and your window may be streaky as well. The best window cleaning technique is to use a squeegee like the pros use. Work the window squeegee in an “S” pattern.

For stubborn stains, use a soft bristle brush or sponge. Never use a razor blade to scrape a window as you may inadvertently scratch the glass.

Soak up any wet areas on the edge of the window or window frame with a soft chamois. You can also use a clean rag to remove any water from the window sill itself.


  • Never use a hard tool to clean your windows as the tool itself may damage the glass. If you do have a stubborn spot on the window, soften the debris first with your cleaning solution and scrape it off with a soft, synthetic scraping tool.
  • Never leave open windows unattended. Small, curious children can fall from an open window.
    *When working from a ladder, be sure the ladder feet are placed on a flat surface. If the ladder feet are placed on grass, open the foot so it can dig into the soil.
  • Secure your squeegee to the ladder with a short rope to prevent it from falling.
    *Hang your water bucket and spray bottle on the top ladder rung with an S-Hook to keep your hands free. Always keep two feet and on one hand in contact with the ladder to keep your balance
  • Never overextend your reach to the side of your ladder. Keep your belt buckle between the ladder uprights for stability

As you are cleaning your windows, be sure to inspect your window frames for wood rot. If you find any damage contact One Source Renovation, LLC at or call (815)-634-8922 for a FREE Quote.