Window Frame Painting Tips

June 15, 2014

Weather Shield Repair 1x229x162-largeSpring is a great time to repaint the tired, old, wooden window frames on your double hung windows. But before you start painting; you need to properly prepare the windows to accept a coat of fresh paint that will last for years. Follow these window frame painting tips for a successful project.


Before you get started, be sure to inspect each window very closely and search for damage to the window frames, the window sill, and the surrounding wood siding. If the caulking around the windows has failed, the wood siding may need to be replaced. For professional repair service in Coal City Illinois and the surrounding area; contact the Window Repair Guy at One Source Renovation (888)-297-4771.

Wood Repair

If you do find an area of rotted wood, it’s not enough to simply repair the exposed area. You need to dig a little deeper to see if the leak has caused the underlying window frame or the structure of the home itself to suffer damage.

If the leak has been present for some time, mold may be present. If you do find mold, to properly address the mold problem you may need to remove both the siding and the drywall to totally expose the affected area. Minor mold infestations can be cleaned up with a mixture of 1 quart of water, ½ cup of bleach, and a splash of household detergent. For more serious mold problems contact a professional contractor. For safety, protect yourself with rubber gloves and a dust mask.


Once your repairs are completed, caulk the entire perimeter of the window frame. Be sure to thoroughly clean the area to ensure that the new caulking will adhere. Use a pressure washer if one is available, otherwise a garden hose and a scrub brush will get the job done.

Be sure to fill in any gaps that would allow water to migrate behind the window frame and cause damage in the future. Allow the freshly applied caulking to thoroughly dry according to the manufacturers recommendations before applying paint.

Open Windows

Fully open and close the window to be sure that everything is in good working condition including window latches. Leave the window open slightly while painting.

Time to Paint

Select a high-quality paint suitable for outdoor use. Acrylic Latex is a good choice, it is very durable yet cleanup is a snap. No need for oil based paints that were a popular choice for windows in the past!

As your paint begins to dry; move the windows up and down periodically to prevent any window from becoming lodged in place by the drying paint. It is best to leave the windows open slightly for a full 24 hours to ensure the painted surfaces are 100 percent dry.

Happy Painting