Window Insulation Kit | Temporary Winter Seal for Windows by 3M

November 8, 2018

Winter is here, your windows are drafty, and you’re searching for a Window Insulation kit! Well you’re in luck, I came across this video demonstration of the 3M Window Insulation kit with detailed instructions on how to install the temporary film. In case you missed it, I said “Temporary”. Meaning what you really need for your home, are new energy efficient windows to replace your old, outdated, energy draining windows. Check out the video:

Window Insulation Kit Installation Instructions

Let’s be clear, the 3M Window Insulation Kit is a temporary fix to seal your windows while you save your pennies, so you can upgrade to our Low-E, Energy Efficient Windows at a later date. Nonetheless; I’ll show you the step-by-step instructions on how to install the 3M Insulation Kit.

Clean the Window Frame: Use a mixture of mild soap and water to clean the window trim. Wipe the entire perimeter of the trim with a soft rag or sponge. Be sure to allow enough time for the trim to fully dry before moving on to the next step of applying the 2-sided tape.

Window Insulation Kit Clean the Frame

Apply 2-Sided Tape: Install the 2-sided tape around the entire perimeter of the window trim. Be sure to press firmly along the entire length of the tape. Do not remove the protective cover until you measure the window and cut the film to size per the step below.

Window Insulation Kit Apply Tape

Measure & Cut: Measure the overall height and width of the window. Add 1” or more to each dimension and carefully cut the film to suit. As always, “measure twice cut once”.

Window Insulation Kit Measure

Apply the Film: Peel the protective cover off the 2-sided tape. Align the film with the upper left-hand corner of the tape, overlapping the window by about half an inch. Continue to adhere the film to the tape along the top edge, while being careful to hold the loose end away from the window at the bottom.

Remove the Wrinkles: With the film attached to the entire perimeter you can stretch it as needed to remove any large wrinkles. When satisfied with the general flatness of the film, run your thumb around the entire perimeter of the film to secure it to the tape.

Shrink the Film: Now you can use a blow dryer to shrink the film and remove any minor wrinkles. Keep the blow dryer moving to avoid overheating the film in any one area.

Window Insulation Kit Shrink Film

Trim the Edges: Use a pair of sharp scissors or an Exacto-Knife to trim the overlapping film. Be careful to not cut into the window frame itself.

Window Insulation Kit Trim

Additional Window Insulation Tips:

Did I mention that the 3M Window Insulation Kit is a temporary fix? Pretty sure I did. With that said checkout some other articles on our website which feature tips for prepping your windows for winter:

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The 3M Window Insulation Kit is a temporary fix. When you are ready to consider new energy efficient windows contact our support team at (815) 634-8922.