Window Lite or Window Light How is Your Grammar?

December 31, 2016

Which is grammatically correct, Window Lite or Window Light? How is your grammar? If you’re like me, you may struggle with the complex rules used in the English language. Window Lite vs Window Light is just another one that drives me nuts. It’s right up there with disc vs disk, nite vs night, grey vs gray, and my personal favorite (because I love donuts) donut vs doughnut.

Window Lite vs Window Lights

I write articles about the window industry on a regular basis, including anything from fenestration, to new products, and tips for the DIY homeowner. When writing these articles I often ponder over my dilemma of which term is correct, window lite or window light, and when and where I should use which term. So, I set out to put this quandary to rest.

Thinking this would be an easy quest; I started with the window manufacturers websites and brochures. I was almost certain I would fine consistency in the use of the word lite. Much to my surprise, I discovered a 50/50 split among manufacturers, to be totally honest the scales were tipped in the direction of “Lite.” Roughly half of the articles I read used the term “Window Lite” while the other 50 percent used the term “Window Light.” To complicate things even further, one of the manufactures (not naming any names) used both lite and light in the same article.

Well isn’t that a pickle? I suppose I should resort to my trusty coin toss to choose sides! “Heads Wins!” “Window Lite” it is, call me bias, but I prefer the term “Window Lite” anyway and will continue to use “Lite” in my writings and save the term “Light” for that ray of sunshine passing through my windows.

What is a Window Lite?

With all this discussion about grammar, I almost forgot to tell you what a window lite is, and how they came to be. I will give you a quick history here and provide the full run-down in another article.

The short story, is that early windows were actually constructed by combining smaller panes of glass. Hence the grid look that you still see today. The grid itself consists of dividers called “Muntins” while the small glass panes between the muntins are referred to as lites. If you happened to break one window lite you could simply replace that individual pane of glass.

Fast forward to today’s windows and you will be hard pressed to find a home with individual panes of glass. However, many homeowners prefer the look of windows divided by muntins. In this case, more often than not, the muntins are laid over a large single pane of glass to create the illusion of smaller single panes. Or in the case of double pane insulated glass windows, the muntins can be sandwiched in between the two panes.

Lite or Light…..You Decide!

The choice is yours! You can decide if you want to use the term “Lite” or “Light.” I’m sticking with Lite!

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