Window Maintenance Tips

June 5, 2015

Just like the rest of your home which requires regular upkeep, you can’t overlook your windows when it comes to maintenance. They provide light, insulation, and circulation to make your home as bright and comfortable as possible. To make sure those windows stay in tip top shape, follow these window maintenance tips and they’ll be sure to last through the seasons.


Clean windows once a month to reduce dust and keep the glass looking crystal clear. Wipe down the frame with a damp cloth to trap dirt and wash the window from top to bottom using a glass cleaner. To avoid the cleaner sticking to the outside of the window, be sure to wash them without direct sunlight.


When paint becomes chipped or you just want to freshen up a room, paint your window frames by sanding and cleaning the frames. Use painter’s tape to tape off the glass and adjacent wall and carefully paint the frame with an angled brush.


To make your home energy efficient and keep those heating bills down, make sure your windows are properly sealed. When seals become worn or broken, replace them as soon as possible so leaks and draft won’t become an issue. Use spray foam or caulking for a quick fix and take the time to replace old glazing for a more permanent effect.


Rotting wood, cracked panes, and shattered glass all may lead you to toss out old windows and install new replacement windows. However, one of the best window maintenance tips may be to just fix it yourself! Use epoxy to seal up small areas of rotted wood or hire a handyman to replace only the rotted area. Buying replacement glass and hiring a professional to install it could cost half as much as installing an entire new window assembly. Painted shut windows can easily be opened by cutting through the dry paint with a utility knife of putty knife, sanding the paint down, and cleaning the hardware.


Inspect your windows every season to check for leaks, drafts, and rotted wood. Softer wood or moisture may indicate rotting caused by a loose seal. Look for chipped or discolored paint and be sure to fill in any gaps with caulk to ensure a tight seal. By following regular window maintenance tips and ensuring each window is always in the best shape, there should be no surprises when doing a seasonal inspection. Some cleaning, a fresh coat of paint or minor repairs will be all you need to keep your windows looking fresh and new.

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