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July 3, 2016

Peak tornado season may have passed for our area; however, a tornado can strike at any time throughout the year. While you can’t eliminate the danger from the wrath of a powerful tornado, there are a few steps you can take to lessen the impact. We have some tips for window protection during a Tornado as well as debunking some of the common tornado myths.

Tornado Myth #1 – Open a Window

When watching an old movie, you may have seen someone open a window during a tornado to equalize the pressure and save their home. While it’s true that a tornado is caused by intense pressure; opening a window in your home will do virtually nothing to equalize the pressure. In fact, an open window increases the danger of flying debris entering your home.

Tornado Myth #2 – Seek Shelter Under an Overpass

It seems to make sense that you would want the cover of a structurally sound bridge or overpass to protect you during a tornado. The problem is that as the tornado passes over an overpass, the bridge acts as a funnel and the velocity of the wind will actually increase. In addition, there tends to be more flying debris in this area.

Tornado Myth #3 – Take Cover in the Southwest Corner of Your Home

In 1887 an American meteorologist published a theory that the most dangerous place in your home during a tornado is the Northeast corner. The principle of his theory is that most tornados travel from the Southwest launching the debris to the Northeast of the home. The truth is that the winds from a Tornado do not travel in a straight line direction and they can fling debris in any direction.

Window Protection Tips

Flying debris from a Tornado can wreak havoc on your home and potentially break each and every window. Here are a few window protection tips:

Window Security Film

Polycarbonate film can be applied to the inside of windows to substantially reduce the chance of flying debris breaching the glass. The film offers the added benefit of keeping out criminals who attempt to enter your home by smashing a window.

Tornado Resistant Windows

Corning Glass has developed a Tornado Resistant Window. The windows are primarily used in Tornado shelters to allow those inside the shelter to see what is going on outside. The windows have passed the FEMA 361 Air Pressure and Tornado Missile Impact Test.

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