Window Replacement Pricing | Comparing Competitive Window Installation

March 17, 2018

Window replacement pricing can vary dramatically from one contractor to another. Hopefully you have obtained at least 3 quotes from reputable window contractors for comparison purposes. But how can you decide which one you should choose. Remember there is “more to the price than just the price” so the last thing you will want to do is simply run off with the lowest bid and sign a contract. You better do your homework first, so you can ask the right questions and fully understand each quote.

Why is There Such a Difference in Window Replacement Pricing among contractors?

Don’t be surprised if you see a wide range of pricing from the various contractors who are bidding on your window replacement project. Just make sue you understand what the subtle differences are. Is it the quality of the product? The distance they need to travel? Or perhaps most important the quality of their work? Let’s review a few things you can look for to decipher which quote is the best overall value:

Quality of the Windows

The quality of the windows themselves can vary dramatically from one manufacturer to another. Be sure to ask the contractor which brand and product type he is offering. Then you need to do some research on the manufacturer to confirm that you will be receiving a quality product.

Window Ratings

Today’s windows are far more than just a slab of glass like the windows of yesteryear. Modern windows are engineered to provide maximum energy efficiency values. This is obtained through the use of double-pane or triple-pane glass, incorporating specialty designed materials, and using vastly improved seals. You can learn more about window ratings in our article: “NFRC Window Energy Ratings Explained.”

Contractors Reputation

I would venture to say that for the most part, replacement window contractors are honest, hardworking, professionals. But……..and it’s a big “but”… never know when a shady character may appear on the scene. Take the extra time to research the contractors’ reputation. A quick google search will usually tell the tale. Check out their customer testimonials on their website and don’t be afraid to contact a few of their recent clients to see how their project went. Just ask the contractor for a list of references and give them a quick call.

What is the Warranty

What good is the lowest window replacement pricing if there is no warranty? There are two or more parts of the warranty that you need to feel comfortable with. First, how long is the factory warranty on the windows themselves. And does the factory warranty cover the labor to replace non-compliant materials? Second, does the contractor offer a workmanship warranty? And more importantly can they and will they stand behind their warranty?

Contract Errors

Last but not least, review the contract in depth and look for errors. Here is one quick example that could get you in trouble. Imagine if one contractor is quoting 10 windows, while the others are quoting the 14 windows that you really need. Oops!

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