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June 28, 2015

Now that you have installed your new windows in your home, it’s time to dress them up with some updated window treatments. Before you begin to install your new window treatments there are a few things to consider. Do you want to expose the entire window frame when the curtains are open? Do you want the curtains to be full length or window length? What type of support rod will you need? And of course; take proper measurements so your project will go smooth. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Tools Required for Measuring for New Window Treatments

  • Tape Measure: Be sure to use a proper, metal tape measure. A cloth tape measure which is often used by a seamstress could lead to some inaccuracies.
  • Grid Paper: While a clean sheet of paper is adequate, grid paper can make it easier for a novice to sketch out your design to scale for accuracy.
  • Carpenters Level: A level may be optional for some installations, for others it may be required to get an accurate measurement from any obstructions.

Accurate Measurements for New Window Treatments

The industry standard for curtains or drapes is to state the width and the length in inches. When ordering your window treatments the width would be stated first followed by the length. For example a 50×84 curtain panel would be 50 inches wide x 84 inches tall. The width is the overall flat width of the individual curtain panels, NOT the width of the window. The height is the height of the panel as measured from the top of the rod pocket to the very bottom of the curtain panel. Meaning; that the fabric that protrudes above the curtain rod will not be considered as part of the height dimension.

To ensure that your new window treatments have the fullness you desire be sure to multiply the measured width by a minimum of 1.5 or a maximum of 3. So if your window is 48 inches wide, you will need at least 72 inches of curtain as a minimum. For more fullness and a richer look you may want up to 164 inched of width.

When it comes to length, there are 3 common designs for window treatments:

  • Above the Window Sill
  • Below the Window Sill
  • Floor Length

Curtain Measurements

Decide with style goes best with your interior décor and then grab your tools and carefully sketch out your window one by one. Measure each window carefully and jot down your findings on your sketchpad. Label each sketch by the room in the home. Remember this cliché “measure twice, cut once!”

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