Window Warning Signs |What the Symptoms Mean

July 23, 2016

Your home windows are trying to speak out and you should be listening. What are your windows trying to tell you? If you are experiencing any of the following window warning signs your need to listen up!

Most Common Window Warning Signs


Foggy Window Panes

If individual panes of glass become foggy, or if you can visually see the condensation, this is a clear indicator that the seals on your double or triple pane windows have failed. When the seal is broken, the argon gas escapes and is replaced with moist air. The moisture in the air will condense into water droplets which can be visible to the naked eye. Eventually the entire pane may become foggy. It’s time for replacement windows!

Condensation on the Inside of Your Windows

If you detect condensation near the bottom of your windows, and in particular in the lower corners, this is a sign that the moisture level in your home is excessive. While this isn’t really a window problem, the window itself is telling us a story. Left unchecked, this could eventually cause mold and mildew to develop, and in the end, rotted window sills. Potential solutions include the use of a de-humidifier, opening a window to let some dry fresh air to enter your home, or running the bathroom exhaust fan. In severe cases you may need to service your AC unit.

Casement Windows Become Difficult to Open & Close

Casement windows should operate smooth and easy. However, they do require occasional maintenance to sustain efficient operation. If the weather-stripping begins to stick this is one of the window warning signs that you can address on your own. Simply apply a dry lubricant to the weather-stripping itself. Never use an oil lubricant as it will attract dirt and debris and make your problem worse. If the crank is not turning smoothly, you can coat the gears with some white lithium grease. If the gears are worn out it’s time to contact the Window Repair Guy.

Double Hung Windows Become Difficult to Open and Close

Double-hung windows feature a tensioning spring which aids in the opening and closing of the lower sash. If the lower sash is difficult to open this is one of the early window warning signs that the internal components are damaged. In which case; it’s time to contact a window repair professional. However, in many instances the issue is simply a dirty track. Applying a small amount of silicon lubricant to the sliding track can rejuvenate a double-hung window.

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