Windows That Won’t Stay Open | A Quick Fix

February 16, 2016

Finally, a nice spring day and you want to let the fresh air inside your home but you have windows that won’t stay open on their own. This can be very frustrating to say the least. You can always prop the window open with a block of wood like my buddy does. Or you can continue reading and discover a quick fix for double hung windows that won’t stay open on their own.

Double hung windows with a tilt-in feature are designed for easy cleaning of the outside glass. This really comes in handy on a two story home, which would otherwise require the use of a ladder. Not to mention the danger that you may fall off the ladder. The design will allow complete removal of the lower sash from the casing so you can access the upper sash for cleaning as well. However, if you are not careful when tilting the sash back into place, one or both of the shoes can be disengaged causing the window sash to fall when the window is in the open position.

Quick Fix Steps for Windows That Won’t Stay Open

Unlock the Window: Unlock the latch at the top of the lower window sash.

Open the Window: Raise the lower sash approximately 6 inches. It is important that the window clears the window sill.

Disengage Latches: Use your index fingers to slide the tilt latches at the top right and top left of the lower sash. Sliding the latches inward towards the middle of the window will disengage the latches from the window casing. With some designs you will depress the actual slide track to free the window sash.

Tilt The Sash Inward: While holding the latches open, tilt the top of the lower sash inward away from the window casing. Tilt it a full 90 degrees so that it is in a horizontal position. Place a hand on either side of the sash and tilt up the right side only. This should release the bar at the bottom of the sash from the right hand shoe that is inside the casing. As you continue to raise the right side the left side will disengage from the left shoe.

Reposition the Shoes: Look inside the casing on both sides and note the position of the shoes. They should be positioned roughly half way between the window sill and the top of the lower sash opening. If the shoe is at or near the bottom of the casing, you have just found the problem. Insert a screwdriver into the balance shoe and rotate it a quarter turn. Raise the balance shoe to the proper height then release the screwdriver to lock it in place.

Replace the Sash: While holding the lower window sash in the horizontal position, insert the left side of the metal bar at the bottom of the sash into the left balance shoe. Lift the right side of the sash just high enough so that the metal bar can be inserted into the right side of the casing. Lower the right side of the sash until the metal bar engages into the balance shoe. With the window sash perfectly level, tilt it back into place.

Test the Window: Lower the window to the lower sill, then raise it about 6 inches and it should now stay in place on its own.

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