Winter Window Inspection Checklist

October 19, 2014

With the fall season upon us in Illinois and now that the leaves have started turning colors; it’s time to prepare your winter window inspection checklist. You need to perform a thorough examination of your windows before the Illinois temperatures drop and well before the first snowflake falls. Preparing and following your winter window inspection checklist each fall can ensure your home is ready to fend off the cold temperatures and blustery winter weather.

Why should you inspect your windows before winter? Because, in the colder climate like we have in Illinois; the windows of your home are one of the primary sources of heat loss.

Row Window Sash Rot InspectionWinter Window Inspection Checklist:

  • Inspect weather-stripping and caulking around your windows. Look at each window and door to ensure there is an airtight seal around and windows and doors.
  • Install your storm windows early in the season. The cool fall nights in Illinois can rob the heat from your home. Don’t wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas to install your storm windows. Get out there before Halloween and mount your storm windows before the cold temperatures arrive! Conversely; don’t remove them too early in spring. Don’t be fooled by one warm day and sunshine.
  • Search for cracks and gaps in window frames, doorframes, brick & siding. Upon a detailed inspection of homes in Illinois, some have been found to have as much as 3 square feet of openings when adding up the dimensions of all the tiny cracks and crevices in the home. That’s the equivalent of leaving a double hung window open all winter long.
  • Securely lock all of your windows. Just because a window is closed doesn’t mean that it is sealed properly. When you properly lock or latch a window, the additional pressure helps to create an airtight seal, and eliminate drafts.
  • When the temperature does drop; take a walk throughout your home checking for cold spots or drafts near your windows. You may discover that the draft is due to window frame rot or the deterioration of window caulking. If you find a serious structural issue around your windows, it’s time to contact the for a FREE estimate. Call us at (815)-634-8922

And finally, be sure to save your winter window checklist in a safe place so you can refer to it next fall as well. Making your winter window checklist a fall routine will certainly help you to reduce your energy costs.